【Bw6】敵東方艦隊を撃滅せよ!: [World 4-1] Subcheesing


【Quest Detail】
敵東方艦隊を撃滅せよ!(Destroy the Enemy’s Eastern Fleet)
Defeat 12 bosses in the World 4: 西方海域

【Map Name】
ジャム島攻略作戦 (Battle of Jam Island)

【Composition Used】
3 – 6 SS ( I don’t recommend bringing Maruyu )

【Main Fleet Setup】
SS(V)’s : All Torpedo

【Formation Used】
Line Ahead in All Node

– High base EXP (310 EXP)
– Slightly easy to cleared with medium level submarine
– Relatively low consumption for each sortie
– There’s Fuel Supply Node at Node F ( 40 – 120 Fuel )

– Node B, E, and G has a chance of having full submarine fleet that resulting D rank battle thus lowering your win rate
– There’s no branching rules except from E to F that needs 2 DD or more thus make it difficult to reach boss node
– There is a chance that Node A & E contains an CL flagship with ASW gears equipped that could hurt your submarine


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